They all speak video

Like many people I’ve watched viral videos on YouTube. I’ve also stumbled across a range of other types of videos – usually while searching for something else or simply poking around YouTube for a break from some other more pressing work. I watch the videos for their entertainment value, to figure our how they’re made and edited and, to learn things – like fixing my daughter’s iPod after it crashed (it worked!). But Michael Wesch’s words really caught my attention. I’ve always known that filmmaking is like learning another language, but this takes it a whole step further. The idea of the universality of video is, I think, its ability to reflect the common human experience. YouTube does this massively in ways that (I don’t think) we could have predicted. The very distance Wesch talks about gives us the freedom to expose much more of ourselves (depending on the website!) without constraints. I did notice that a number of his examples were people by themselves, looking into a web camera. Making a film is normally a collaborative experience – its just in this case the collaboration comes after the fact, after each filmmaker has shot their raw footage and offered it to the global production house.


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