The Zen of Filmmaking

Today’s class reminded me of why I love teaching filmmaking so much. I was inspired to forego the usual written post and instead I made a short reflective film. I have to thank my daughter, Willa, for helping me shoot – she was the second unit and was busy shooting her treehouse and the door knobs while I had already started the bulk of the editing. She also composed the original music in Garageband. The entire film was shot using a Flip camera and was edited in iMovie.

I had adventures uploading this ( iMovie +the Flip camera + YouTube = frustration and low quality video). Final Cut Pro came to the rescue and I was able to do better (using H.264 for compression)… I’ve left up both (for now) as a comparison.


FinalCut Pro 

For those of you who were interested in the Spanish filmmaker I talked about in class today his name is Nacho Vigalondo. I particularly like his two films ‘7.35 de la mañana’ and Choque.

•A great place for alternative music or spoken word poetry is


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