The Story

In the spirit of digital storytelling I decided to create a short film for this post.


17 responses to “The Story

  1. Great stuff, Anne-Marie, and how suiting that you reflected on this weeks presentation with a story. πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  2. Neat! Where did you get the pics to use in the video? How did you get the rights to show them? I have often wondered what the process was to get the rights to use flickr photos in my own video could you provide some insight as to how I can create my own video like this.

  3. Well done. I really enjoyed your creativity! Maybe this stuff can inspire!

  4. Michelle Clarke

    That was SO COOL!!! What a terrifically perfect way to reflect on the last week’s lesson. I have the same questions as Jeff does about the images. I know that Wikimedia has loads of copyright free images that could be used, maybe. (Boy, I sure sound sure of myself, don’t I? I can just find it hard to decipher sometimes what the guidelines are for using stuff from the web myself. One more curve to navigate in this steep slope for me.) This was really really great, Anne-Marie!

  5. I always start with Flickr – just remember to go to “advanced search” and then scroll down to the bottom and choose creative commons content.
    There are other places to look for sources, albeit some can be quite confusing. Some are for use in a classroom only (whatever this means – our course is a great example of an alternative classroom), while others have broader ranging availability. Also try:

  6. very cool video. great use of cc media. Students could & should put similar videos together to demonstrate their learning.

  7. Thanks for the great video and the links to the “free use” materials! They will be a great help! I’m sure the others in class will be sending thanks as well!

  8. Absolutely delightful. I am adding it to my class blog assignments. You should get some comments from my students in EDm 310.

  9. Great digital story! I am a colleague of John Strange and found this on his blog…glad he shared it!

  10. Thanks for the positive feedback – it’s appreciated. As a film teacher I’m so busy working with my students on their films I don’t often get the opportunity to create my own projects. My blog is a way to challenge myself to “do” as well as to think, share and (hopefully) teach.

  11. This was a very informative presentation on the way telling a stories has developed. I really liked how you used still pictures to create your story line. Very creative!!!

  12. I am a student in John Strange’s technology class for teachers. I love the way your story took your audience through the history without demeaning the period usefulness of the the tools and inventions that preceded the computer and internet. It was a friendly story. Thanks, too, for sharing the great “free use” links!

    • Deidra,
      Thanks for noticing that I was respecting “older” forms of communication. I find that when students have an historical understanding of how and why we use current technologies they are more mindful when using them.

  13. Dear Anne-Marie, that is a very nice video and I certainly liked the subject matter because I have lived it. Thank you. Also I am a student of Dr. Stranges at Univ. of South Alabama

    • John,
      I have also lived a fair portion of it – okay maybe not cave paintings or writing on scrolls! What I find really interesting is how much things have changed over the last 60 to 70 years (compared to all of history prior to this).

  14. Nice video. I am a student of Dr. Strange’s class at the University of South Alabama. I am also a History major. It was cool to see how we have advanced as a race using storytelling as a way to navigate it!

  15. Ryan,
    Thanks for watching my video – one of my degrees is in history and I love seeing all the connections that this sort of exploration allows.

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