Presenting Social Media

The following slideshow is one element of a class I created for education undergrad students at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan). I was asked to introduce students to the concepts of connectivism and social media. Mike Minions teaches this course  – Education 407 – check out the course wiki.

This is my first attempt using slideshare and embedding it into WordPress – I’m hoping my links have held up.


5 responses to “Presenting Social Media

  1. I follow Dr. Couros on Twitter and picked up this link to your blog from him. Great post and slide show – you might consider including the practical reasons for using social media in other presentations – all teachers are immensely practical and want to see ‘what it will benefit me if I put time into it’. P.S. am Python fan too.

  2. Great observation – this was something we discussed in class, and you’re right, there were lots of questions about practicality. I was able to show many examples of how my PLN helps me and we also discussed time management issues. Still, it’s a tough go at times.

  3. Great show! Your creating a fabulous digital footprint!

  4. I also am thinking about my digital footprint, especially as a professional, and know that having one is vital to be connected in our profession. No longer is a business card enough – sites like this, and one like I am creating for my final project for our class, is my attempt at exploring more about what it means to build, manage and share this digital identity with others so that I can find a balance between being able to control what is connected to me and allowing the power of collaboration, contribution and sharing to also play a part.
    If you have the time and feel so inclined to add to my project or share some feedback, please do!


    Wiki (final project):

  5. Thanks for the comments – I checked out your wiki – it looks like you’re off to a great start!
    I can hardly wait to have some time to s-l-o-w down and be able to really look at everyone’s blogs and projects. That’s been the one major challenge for me – finding the time to really immerse myself in everyone’s”stuff” while teaching full time, parenting, and taking 2 master’s courses. Soon though…

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