Adventures in eci831

This film was made as a summative reflection on my experiences in the University of Regina course eci831 (Social Media and Open Education) with Dr. Alec Couros. The music stings at the beginning and end are from Blind_Lemon_Jefferson_One_Dime_Blues (public domain from


8 responses to “Adventures in eci831

  1. Great video to sum up the course. I really appreciated your ending “and now, it’s my turn …” as a recognition that you will be taking all you have learned and sharing it with the rest of the world.

  2. Thanks Rob,
    That’s exactly how I intended the final line to ‘read’. I’m taking the challenge of sharing what I’ve learned seriously. I’ve discovered that sharing with students and other educators is one of the best ways to stay current and remain a learner.

  3. Well done, your reflection is what most people were thinking. I have also wondered how I prevent losing the information that I have learned and I too hope to share it with others in my school.

    You mention second life. Have you tried it? Did you enjoy it? I haven’t been on it so I am curious.

  4. Your video is exactly the experience I am getting in my EDM310 class right now! Your video does a wonderful job taking the viewer through a tour of the possibilities, which I am finding to be endless. Had to look up Second Life, that was a new one for me. Guess I can barely keep up with reality!

  5. I didn’t know about Second Life when I started this whole process either! Since I teach fulltime, I just do my best when trying to “keep up”. Sometimes it’s frustrating because I connect with some real tech whizzes on Twitter, but I just remind myself that I do what works for me (and my students). I’m also the type of learner that needs time for reflection and thought. While I embrace new technology, I try to take the time to learn and understand it (both the technical skills and the philosophy behind it).

  6. I really liked your video. When I first started taking my EDM 310 class I shared similar feelings about the changes in education that you mentioned in your video. I too was overwhelmed with all of the new forms of technology that are being used in today’s classrooms and still am overwhelmed. How did you weed out all of the forms so technology and finally decide on which ones to use? Also, how do you sell apprehensive parents on the idea of using the internet in the classroom?

  7. Thanks for your excellent questions, Poppy.
    Attempting to choose the appropriate technology for the task can prove challenging (especially when you’re still figuring out what the heck they can do – like me!). Some things to consider are will each student require an account and have ownership of their page (think blog) or will it be something more collaborative (think wiki). In my case, as a film production teacher – the CinemaOwls Youtube channel I created proved the perfect fit (see my blog post of Dec. 6th). This leads to your second question concerning apprehensive parents. I completely respect parental concerns – for many of them this is totally new territory. What I have pleasantly discovered, though, is most are grateful to have a teacher model, share, and teach appropriate web experiences. I have a letter I send home for any student who wants to be part of CinemaOwls, and I haven’t had a problem yet. On the other hand, I do field a lot of questions from parents (beyond the scope of my classroom). I always respect where they are coming from, even if it may mean they are simply not ready. I do counter this legitimate concern with education – most are able to understand that their child will go on the web anyway, and when I point out I’m teaching kids about digital identity, internet safety, and privacy issues parents tend to get on board.

  8. Deborah Snowden

    Great video and I can definitely relate. Sometimes EDM310 can be a little overwhelming but at the same time I’m learning so much. It’s added a whole new dimension to how I look at education. I’m trying to build up a PLN myself. Do you have any advice for doing so?

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